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Carlos Alberto Fontes Gonçalves
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We transform, develop and market flexible plastic packaging

Mission Statement

Carlos Gonçalves & Filhas, Lda. does not only focuses on its economic activity. The company cares about the manufacture process and its contribution to sustainable development, by preserving and protecting the environment.

With the intention on decreasing the negative impact to the human health and society, all industrial waste generated in Plastembala, are collected by accredited entities, that allow recycling and, then when possible, posterior reutilization.

Plastembala encourages the rational use of energy and the sustainable use of water.
Plastembala has, in their firm, established all the legal requirements that guarantee hygienic, health and safety conditions.

Plastembala does not resort to child or forced labour. The company condemns any practice of discrimination; it respects the work hours, pay the legally established wages and contributes to the surrounding region development.

Plastembala, with the help of its careful and meticulous work, was able to build close relationships and trust among their clients, being their main mission ensure their satisfaction. Their mission would never be achieved without the collaboration of their excellent and certified suppliers.


Carlos Gonçalves & Filhas, Lda was founded in January 1998, in Guimarães, and it was established as an industrial entity due to the need for evolution from the commercial sector of a company previously detained by one of the partners.

It was decided, however, to keep the commercial designation “Plastembala”.

All the experience and knowledge acquired in the previous endeavours build the base for the development of the actual company.In its early days, it was a small family company, which was installed in a 1000 square meters warehouse, in the industrial zone of Ponte, with only one cutting machine and one 2 colour printing machine. The company’s objective was to transform, commercialize and distribute flexible plastic packages, mainly to the textile industry sector.

With the effort and dedication of all the team of motivated professionals, Plastembala increased gradually the number of clients, expanding, as well, the range of commercialized products and, consequently, all of its structure so it was able to answer to the increasing demand of the textile and shoe industry. With the development of Internet and their online tools, the challenges and commercial strategies have multiplied and altered. The company has early developed a strong online presence, and these new ways of communications also led to Plastembala’s success.

Nowadays, the company spreads itself in two semi-detached warehouses with 2000 square meters, spited between production, stock warehouse, finish product warehouse, management offices and social area. It has two printing machines that are able to print up to 6 colours, 7 cutting machines with multiple applications and it relies on the dynamics of 15 contributors. The company work relies on integrity, ethics, clarity and business responsibility. The cooperation between all departments was, and is, essential to reach market differentiation and that competitive advantage was a key tool for the consolidation, recognition and respect for Plastembala in Portugal and abroad.